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F2 - Jack’s Amazing Assembly!

F2 - Jack’s Amazing Assembly!

Jack Manning  treated the whole of KS1 by reading out the story that he had written. Mrs Neal was very impressed, as were we all, with the story book that Jack had written at home - he had dictated his story, The Hopping Frogs,  to his mummy who wrote it out for him to copy. We were able to visualise all of the frogs in his story because he used some lovely adjectives and descriptive phrases. Wow, Jack! You did such a good job reading out your story to all the children assembled—we are very proud of you! Do we have the makings of an author in F2? Mrs Neal thought the story was so good that we could make it into a book so that each class can have a copy in their classroom and as well as one in the school library. Mrs Parker said that she will type the book up for him.  Jack is certainly showing an eagerness to learn!                                                                                                                

F2 have packed lots of learning and fun into their week. In gymnastics they have been perfecting their bridge shape and their forward rolls. They had such fun; Kieran was amazing! Tristan loved doing the log rolls! F2 finished their gym lesson with some good balancing on one leg. We can’t wait for next week.

We have started to make some special cards, this week. Can you guess what they are? Tristan was even able to help Miss Cooley make her card - he was very good at giving instructions! We will be following lots of instructions in the coming week when we get ‘crafty’ for Easter. Perhaps the children can practise some of the crafts at home! Watch this space for instructions.

Last week all the children who attended the 100% attendance Disco had a lovely time in their own private disco in F2—we have some groovy movers in F2!

Last week we had a fantastic trip to the library. We sang lots of nursery rhymes with Cheryl and accompanied them with our musical instrument. We loved choosing a new book and sharing a story at the end of our visit. We love books and reading!

We have had lots of fun finding out about healthy foods this week and we have been treating the teddies to some healthy sandwiches!