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PSHEE and Citizenship Coverage 2019_20

Autumn 1 BLOCK A

Autumn 1 BLOCK B

Autumn 2 BLOCK A

Autumn 2 BLOCK B

Citizenship Education

(5 weeks)


(3 weeks)

Wider Risk-Taking Education

(3 weeks)

- Black History Month (Oct)

- Hate Crime Awareness Week (12th to 19th Oct)

- European Democracy Week (14th to 21th Oct)


+ Class Rules

+ School Elections

+ Harvest (Fair Trade, Poverty etc.)


* World First Aid Day (8th Sep)

* International Day of Peace (21st Sep)

* World Mental Health Day (10th Oct)

* Global Handwashing Day (15th Oct)


- Anti Bullying Week (11th to 15th Nov)

- World Kindness Day (13th Nov)


* National Parliament Week (11th to 17th Nov)

* Remembrance Day (11th Nov)

* Children in Need Day (15th Nov)


- Road Safety Week (18th to 24th Nov)


+ Road Safety Quiz (school decide)

+ Christmas Party Week (school decide)


* Computer Science Week (9th to 15th Dec)

* Human Rights Day (10th Dec)



Spring 1 BLOCK A

Spring 1 BLOCK B

Spring 2 BLOCK A

Spring 2 BLOCK B

Physical and Mental Wellbeing

(3 weeks)

Internet Safety

(3 weeks)

Drug Education

(3 weeks)


(3 weeks)

- National Obesity Week (9th to 15th Jan)

- Bike to School Week (school decide)


* World Religion Day (20th Jan)

- SID (5th Feb)


* LGBT History Month (Feb)

* National Heart Month (Feb)

* Child Mental Health Week (4th to 10th Feb)


- No Smoking Day (8th March)


* National Careers Week (4th to 9th March)

* British Science Week (9th to 16th March)

* Red Nose Day (15th March)

* Shakespeare Week (18th to 24th March)


- CSE National Awareness Day (18th March)

- International Day of Happiness (20th March)


* World Water Day (22nd March)



Summer 1 BLOCK A

Summer 1 BLOCK B

Summer 2 BLOCK A

Summer 2 BLOCK B

Emotional Health and Resilience

(3 Weeks to 5 Weeks)

Careers and Enterprise

(1 Week)


(2 weeks)

- Mental Health Awareness Week (7th to 13th May)





* Family Safety Week (23rd to 27th April)

* Red Cross Week (5th to 11th May)

* VE Day (8th May)

* World Fair Trade Day (11th May)

* Sun Awareness Week (14th to 20th May)

* Walk to School Week (21st to 26th May)


+ Enterprise Challenge Day


* Child Safety Week (4th to 10th June)

+ Year Group Swaps


Personal and Finance

(4 Weeks)

- My Money Week (10th to 16th June)


+ Sports Day (school decide)


* Children’s Art Week (8th to 16th June)

* Healthy Eating Week (10th to 14th June)

* National School Sport Week (25th to 29th June)


Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)


Relationships and Sex Education Information for Parents