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At Langold Dyscarr Community School we value the role that reading plays in a child's education and, indeed, as a key life skill that will prepare them up for future endeavours. 


Whole Class Reading - our new approach to Reading


In our reading curriculum, children work together on a single text, using 'real' books. Every text the children read extends their knowledge of the world, complementing the aims of our new curriculum.  Whole class sets of books are provided so that the children can have access to high-quality texts, deepening and broadening their vocabulary. Modern and classic authors are incorporated as well as poetry and non-fiction. 


Texts are read in a combination of modelled reading by the teacher, individual reader or choral reading (children together). 


The children and staff are thoroughly enjoying our new approach.  The books we will be reading are listed below:

2019-2020 Book Cycle




Year 1 Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term









Year 2



















Year 3








Year 4












Year 5









Year 6












Word of the Day

As part of our reading curriculum we are keen to develop our children's vocabulary and in every class we learn a new word everyday.  

Community Links 

We have close links with Langold Library, and the children in Nursery and Foundation Stage 2 regularly visit the library to share and exchange books.  Key Stage 1 visit at least once a term.  


Once a month the Fire Service come into school and read with our Foundation Stage 2 and Year 5 children.