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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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How do I contact the school?

  1. Telephone: 01909 730396. If lines are busy or out of hours you can leave a message on our answerphone.
  2. Email –

We use Scholarpack for sending text messages to parents. Please ensure we have an up to date phone number.


How do I apply for a place in your school for my child?

For in year admissions you are welcome to visit the school and collect a transfer form which will then need to be signed by the child’s present Headteacher before being sent in to the Admissions Team at Nottinghamshire County Council.

Tel: 0300 500 8080 or visit  Nottinghamshire Admissions for further details. 


What are the timings of the school day?

Reception to Year 6 8.45am to 3.10pm

Nursery   8.45am to 11.45am - morning session.

               12.15 to 3.15pm - afternoon session


How much do school dinners cost?

School dinners cost £2.30 per day - £11.50 per week.  All payments should be made to the School Office.


What do I do if my child is absent from school?

Please telephone 01909 730396 to report absence, before 8.45am on the first day of absence.

Please contact the school on each day of absence. 


What do I do if my child has a medical appointment during the school day?

Wherever possible, appointments should be made outside of school hours. However, where this is not possible, please inform the school in advance of the appointment. This can be via a letter or telephone call. You will also need to provide a copy of the appointment card/letter. You will then need to collect your child from the main office at the allocated time. 


What do I do if my child needs to take medication during the school day?

School staff can give only administer medication prescribed by a doctor. Please bring medicines to the school office in a morning, where you will be asked to complete a medicine administration permission form.

Longer term or more complex medical conditions will require a Health Care Plan to be completed. Please contact the school to arrange a meeting. 


What do I do if my child has an injury (eg a broken/ fractured limb) and will need additional assistance in school?

Please contact the school and we will arrange a meeting to assess your child’s needs and put any necessary support and risk assessments in place. 


What do I do if my child needs time off during term time for exceptional circumstances?

Please complete a Leave of Absence form (available from the school office) and send it with supporting evidence to the Headteacher. Please note that leave of absence for holidays will not be granted unless there are exceptional circumstances and you may incur a fixed penalty fine.


How do I pay for school dinners, visits etc?

Please send cash into school either via the school office or your child’s class teacher in a clearly labelled envelope.  If you have any problems with payments please phone the office on 01909 730396 and someone will assist you. 


Where can I buy uniform?

Uniform with the school’s logo can be ordered from School Trends and delivered to your home address for a small charge or the school for free. 


What if I need to speak to my child’s teacher or a senior member of staff?

Every morning Staff and Senior Leaders will be on the playground from 8.40am. Staff are also always available to speak to at the end of the school day at 3:10pm.  Please only speak to your child’s class teacher in a morning if it is an emergency.  If you do not drop off or collect your child, please contact the school on 01909 730396 and we will call you back and arrange a meeting at a mutually convenient time.


Do I have to pre-book breakfast club in?

Breakfast Club is open from 8am and costs £2 a day.  Currently there is no requirement to prebook.


Can my child attend any after-school club?

All places at after school clubs are allocated and you will be informed by letter/text if your child has a place. If for any reason a club has to be cancelled, you will be informed by text the Friday before wherever possible.


What if somebody different is collecting my child?

Due to safeguarding, you must inform your child’s class teacher in the morning if somebody different is collecting your child. If it is a last-minute situation, you must ring school on 01909 730396. We will not let your child go with somebody that we do not know if you have not informed us. Please note, we expect all children up to and including Y4 to be collected by an adult or a sensible older sibling (aged 16 or over).