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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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At Langold Dyscarr we truly understand how important Maths is as a life skill and therefore are dedicated to providing the best possible education in this area of learning.

Maths Mastery Curriculum 

This academic year we have introduced a new mastery approach to Maths.  The approach has been designed to incorporate more time for the children to gain fluency in essential mathematical skills as well as a plethora of opportunity to use and apply these new skills through problem solving, worded problems, investigations and puzzles.


The approach is based on four main stages of learning and all lessons across Key Stage 1 and 2 are planned using this specific mastery model:-

  1. RECALL – Focus is on recalling prior knowledge of the key skills that may be needed for the lesson to come (multiplication tables, number bonds, equivalent fractions, square numbers etc.)
  2. GUIDED PRACTISE - The new concept of the lesson is introduced under guidance from class teacher (more so in Key Stage 1). The teacher will guide pupils through a problem modelling specific methods they wish them to use.
  3. INTELLIGENT PRACTISE - Provides opportunity for independence to gain fluency of the new skill. Procedural and conceptual variation embeds ability to find and understand patterns in maths.
  4. DIVE DEEPER - Provides opportunity to master the new skills through using and applying questions and problem solving.


A wide range of resources are used to supplement lessons including Power Maths, White Rose, Testbase, Nrich, Classroom Secrets as well as many more.


The importance of times tables is also key and all staff across school allocate specific time in the week to ensure practise of these is taking place. We have a subscription to Timetables Rockstars to support this.


The aim in Foundation is to build strong mathematical foundations, ensuring that children are supported to have the mind-set that they can achieve in this area. This is accomplished by embedding habits of learning through the COEL (Characteristics of effective learning) and supporting children via enabling environments and good quality adult interactions. The teaching and learning in Foundation takes place both indoors and outdoors through a wide range of practical and hands on resources supported by the White Rose and Numberblocks schemes. 

As a result of this dedicated structure for Maths across school, we ensure that we are embedding a love for Maths as well as confidence and stamina when working with numbers and the ability to work not only independently but collaboratively.