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Bad Weather Protocol

The decision to close is one that is not taken lightly and is based on the safety and welfare of both pupils and staff, many of whom have to travel a distance to get to school. 


Emergency closure will occur in exceptional circumstances, such as:

  • When there are several weather conditions adversely affecting access to the school or;
  • When there is a loss of essential services to the school which cannot be compensated by alternative provision. 


If it is necessary to close the school due to adverse weather or other unexpected occurrences, the protocol will be as follow:

  • Information about the closure will be added to the front page of the school website, as well as being posted on Twitter and Dojo. 
  • A text will be sent to all parents/carers who have registered a mobile phone number with the school office. 
  • Regular messages will be broadcast by Trax FM on the day of closure. 


Details of the station's wavelength and website address is listed below: