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Orchid Bees

This week has been our internet safety week and we have been busy doing lots of activities. We have talked about how to stay safe online, the good and bad things about the internet, what makes a good password, danced to some old music on a cassette tape, looked at some of Miss Ward’s old technology, we discussed what a digital footprint is and we have done some computing work. Here is what we thought about the week:

Nevaeh: I really enjoyed trying the old technology.

Charlie: I enjoyed when we looked at an old photo viewer with photo slides.

Logan: It was enjoyable for anyone who likes technology.

Harley: I liked when we got to look at the 8mm film reel and I enjoyed listening to some old music.

Jayden: I enjoyed when we made a timeline at the front of the classroom about the evolution of different technological devices.

Caitlin: I liked looking at how people used too listen to music.

Freya: It was funny when we danced to the old music.

Miller: It was fun when we tried out Miss Ward’s old technology.

Pak Tin: I liked looking at pictures of old computers.

Josie: I liked when we looked at the old telephones.

Beau: I liked when we looked at vinyls, CDs and cassettes.

Skye: It was fun to look at the CDs.

Mason: I enjoyed looking at the images on the 8mm film.

Ellie: I enjoyed dancing to the old music.

Here is what we have been up to: