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Our new Busy Bee members:



Tina Crittenden

Faye Partridge

Amy Newbury

Shannon Rose

Jessica Rose

Linda Woodhouse



Mrs Fotheringham

Mrs Watkinson

Mrs P

Sarah Coulthard

Annette Armson


All upcoming meetings will be advertised in our school newsletter.


Everyone is welcome come along.

It's Official...

PTFA Easter Boxes

Easter Fund Raising

PTFA Fund Raising

Craft Fair

New Listening Station for Year 4                                                                                         Thank you to parents for their continued support for our Tuck Shop.  With the proceeds we are now able to buy a new Listening Station for Year 4.  This will help develop good listening and speaking skills as well as  having the joy of listening to a good story!                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Thanks also goes to our  fantastic PTFA who continue to bake the delicious healthy snacks on sale in our Tuck Shop.


Thank You PTFA!

Many thanks go to our fantastic PTFA  who give up so much of their free time to support us!  On Saturday they raised £143.00 from selling refreshments at the Langold Christmas Market.  Please support them on Sunday, if you can, at the Craft Fair at Langold Village Hall, where they will have the Langold Dyscarr School Cake Stall (we can definitely recommend the delicious cakes) and will be running the raffle.  All proceeds from these will benefit our children.