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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Allotment Art

We love spending time at our school allotment creating art inspired by what we see. 

Art In Dyscarr Woods

We love creating artwork using natural materials!

Art In Our Local Libraries

We are proud to work with our local library, displaying artwork inspired by our love of reading! We also enjoyed making portrait tiles for the FACES, PLACES exhibition displayed in Worksop Library. 

Remembrance Day

We enjoyed making poppies using mixed media for our school's community Remembrance display.

North Notts Nectar Trail

A selection of the beautiful designs created by our children for submission to the North Notts Nectar Trail 2022.

North Notts Journeys BookBench Trail 

BookBench 1- Proud To BEE Different 

This sculpture was inspired by the BEE values of our school. Pupils created design ideas for the sculpture expressing that it should represent our school and the local community. This design brings their ideas to life combining notions of uniqueness and care for the natural world. It features individually decorated bees and rare bee orchids which are found within our locality.


BookBench 2- Adventure Is Just A Page Away…

This sculpture was inspired by a love of reading for pleasure. This design is a celebration of the freedom that reading brings, creating space in our minds for creativity, happiness and relaxation. It represents how, with the turn of every page, we get lost in words finding ourselves meandering into adventures and other magical worlds. It features a landscape of rolling hills below a blue sky in which colourful kites dance freely.

Christmas Tree Decorating Competition

EYFS have decorated a Christmas tree with the theme of reconnecting with nature and our families for the art competition called the Art of Christmas. We have made some natural Christmas decorations together at home and on our Footprint Friday adventures using materials such as sticks, leaves, stones etc to display on the tree.