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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Doodle & Discussion

Each term Miss Mace meets with artists from each class to doodle and discuss their views, wishes and experiences of art in school. These doodles and discussions, alongside our termly Artist Voice forms, feed into our art curriculum enhancements.

Artist Discussions: 

Max - ‘I like art. I love to paint the most. We drew blue butterflies in my class last time, from the rainforest. I think getting messy is great fun. We haven’t done any of that yet (textiles) - but my Nan does sewing and she showed me how. I use the colours for my feelings. Sometimes when I’m angry I think I might colour the page in all red and I can do thin blue wobbly lines when I’m sad like this.’ 


Ethan - ‘I love to paint. I gone to the sketchbook club at dinner. It was so busy at the painting one I couldn’t  get in a space! Then I painted a flower on it, can we do that again?’


Isabella - ‘I do like art. I like doing my own doodles. I’d like to do that more. I would like to show my art in a gallery for my Mum to see. But some of my friends might not like letting people look in their sketchbook, we should ask them all first.’


Theo - ‘Yes I like it. I’m not always sure what to draw. We have drawn butterflies in my class, I did good on that one.’ 


Louie - ‘I’m good a drawing eyes, my Mum showed me how to do them. I love drawing different things too. I’d like my book to go in a gallery. Look at this flower I’ve done like yours. I think I need a yellow bit to make it better.’ 


Penny - ‘I love doing art. I go with you on sketchbook club all the time. I do loads of drawings and I loved the big painting last time. It was so messy!’

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