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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Our School Council



At the start of the school year, children throughout the school had the opportunity to create a manifesto to persuade their class that they should be voted for and chosen to be our School Councillors. They did a fantastic job and it was a tough decision but here are the elected School Council 2019-2020...

Our School Councillors 2019-2020

School Council Agenda

We have lots of items on our School Council agenda which change regularly and we discuss in our meetings fortnightly. We complete a School Council book and each class also has a book that they take back to their class to record more ideas or activities from the rest of the pupils. 

Here are some of the items we have completed already this year...

  • Y6 School Councillors were very lucky to be invited to Nottingham County Hall recently. We were transported there, had lunch and a had tour of the building. We met other local school Councillors and enjoyed spending time in the Council Chambers with the Chairman of Council and asking lots of questions. We had a really great day and our Y6s will be telling the school all about it in an assembly very soon. 
  • We were invited to the amazing Bassetlaw Food Bank to see how things ran there and what we can do to help. Mrs Fotheringham took Y4 and Y5 School Councillors and they thoroughly enjoyed their visit, so much so that Langold is now officially a drop off point for BFB which is an absolute honour. smiley
  • We asked our classes for any volunteers to be trained up as child First Aiders. There were so many children who wanted to do this that the School Councillors had to think carefully and only pick 2 from each class. 
  • We heart our planet so School Council helped ease the transition for our daily milk deliveries. We went from cartons and straws to recyclable plastic bottles which are poured into cups. 

Class Names

As we promote our Bee Values at Langold, the School Council asked their classes to help us choose bee names for all the classes. They had the final vote and these were decided:


F1 - Bumble Bee Class

F2 - Honey Bee Class

Y1 - Mason Bee Class

Y1/2 - Mining Bee Class

Y2 - Long-horned Bee Class

Y3 - Orchid Bee Class

Y4 - Tree Bee Class

Y5 - Digger Bee Class

Y6 - Black tailed Bee Class