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Langold Dyscarr Community School

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Take Care Team


The well-being of our pupils at Langold Dyscarr Community School is of utmost importance and we have a dedicated Take Care Team who are responsible for ensuring our pupils have healthy minds.


What is Take Care?


Take Care is a system through which staff can raise concerns about any child in the school. It is an early intervention process designed to make sure that effective communication about a child’s needs takes place and that effective and co-ordinated support to meet their needs is planned and implemented.  The overall aim to is to ensure that any child who requires support at a particular point in time has their needs considered, and that no child’s individual needs are ‘missed’. Some children referred to Take Care may have lots of support in place already, but staff may be concerned about a particular aspect of the child’s development or a particular incident that has taken place. Some children referred have had no previous additional support in school.


What sort of support might be arranged for a child?


The referrals made to Take Care are wide ranging; worries about bullying, concerns about learning progress, an increase in detentions, concerns about self-care and many more. Therefore, the support arrangements agreed are individual to the child. Support offered could include:


  • Referral to other services e.g. Educational Psychologist;
  • General Development Assessment
  • ELSA;
  • Early Help assessments- provide an early help package;
  • Meeting with parents;
  • Learning Interventions;
  • Individual behaviour plan;
  • Risk assessment;
  • Applications for additional funding from the Local Authority.


Our Family Liaison offers support to all families and will lead assessments and plans to make sure the right support is in place for the whole family and not just the children in school. This can be done through Early Help Assessment forms (EHAFs) and referrals to Early Help. 


An assessment may be needed to enable us to put the right support in place and signpost the families to relevant agencies such as the Early Help Team,  health, counselling, domestic abuse services and the food bank (there are many more).  This is to support all individual needs, put an effective plan in place for the whole family, encourage all individuals to reach their full potential and help improve family life. 


    Please come and speak to us if you are concerned about anything or if you are struggling. No struggle is too big.


    Who is in the Take Care Team?

    Miss Gemma Bradford- Deputy Headteacher and SENCO

    Mrs Paula Watkinson- Family Liaison

    Mrs Beverley Moore- ELSA


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