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F1 - A Huge Thank You for Our Super New Bikes!

F1 - A Huge Thank You for Our Super New Bikes!

I just want to say a huge thank you to anyone that has sponsored foundation for any events this year or bought raffle tickets. Because of you we have purchased two shiny new bikes. They are amazing and one child can ride around our track with two of their friends on the back. Although they love the thought of transporting their friends, they soon realise that this can be hard work and requires stamina, so they soon swop over! So if you are one of these lovely and generous people, you might be responsible for part of a peddle, the spoke in a wheel or the grip on the handle bar! But you are all responsible for the smiles and laughter as they whizz around the circuit having engaging conversations with their friends and I’m sure you’ll agree that this is priceless! So thank you from all of us!

Tree-mendous Tuesday was all about the pancakes as it landed on Shrove Tuesday. We took our frying pans, we had three in total, and our friends knew they were small, medium and large in size. We also had pancakes (only play dough ones which was a relief as they landed on the floor lots of times!) and we had races. Some children decided to run as fast as they could and the pancake never left the frying pan but others flipped them and ran which is a very tricky skill- as we soon realised by the amount landing in the mud! Who cares? It was lots of fun!

Next we walked into the woods negotiating low branches and fallen logs and stopping to look at buds and catkins along the way. Spring is definitely arriving. It was extremely muddy, so we held hands and side stepped on the edge of the muddy puddle, just like little crabs. We successfully walked around the swampy puddle, although Miss Frisby could tell by their faces that they would have much rather waded through the middle with mud up to their knees!

The afternoon children even met a horse that a lovely lady was riding through the woods and we all said hello. Chocolate pancakes were devoured with relish and there were a few chocolatey faces but full tummies afterwards! What a lovely Pancake Day we had!