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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Busy, busy, busy in FSU

Busy, busy, busy in FSU!

FSU have had a very busy week with lots of new challenges to get used to - but they have been amazing  in the way they have coped. For some of us it was the start of our Langold Dyscarr Community School journey! Well done, everyone!

We have been doing lots of exciting things — we have loved our new book, Where The Wild Things Are. We have been acting out the story, we have made and labelled monsters and ‘Wild Things’; we have been writing some super captions in literacy for pictures from the story and we have been using our listening and speaking skills to talk about Max and his adventures.

In gymnastics we used our balancing skills and in PE we walked the plank, and tried to perfect our jumping - with our knees bent and feet together.

In Caterpillar Music we  placed our trust in in our friends as they guided us around the room safely while we had our eyes shut! We tried to feed Alison’s horse with lots of different things, but he had us in giggles when he showed us exactly what he thought of them! And of course, we were able to make beautiful music with the instruments. We can’t wait for next week when we  will be learning so many new things and having fun.