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Year 6A - Descriptive Writing

Year 6A - Descriptive Writing

Everyone has been working really hard on their descriptive writing of the jar wizard; some of the extracts can be found here, but if you’d like to read them in their entirety and read a comment from a famous author, please visit our class blog at

In an unknown cave of darkness and gloom, a jar wizard, who was sorrowful, stood in nothing but the light of his jars (that cover him like a blanket). Aimee

Over the years he has collected many, many magical objects such as eyeballs, snot and even ocean burp which turns you blue. Codey

He is down-hearted, he tries to help people, but it always goes wrong, that’s why he has no friends. Keenan

Every time he tries to help the world, something terrible happens. He is quite lonely, only because he is unpleasant and dull. Would you like to be powerful like him? Keira B

He makes potions- one of them is fire red dragon’s blood which sets everything on fire. Abigail

The jar wizard can easily get furious, but he’s a really nice guy when you get to know him. Warren

His infuriated face glared down at me as the leather armour he wore ruffled as he stomped in my direction. The melancholy tone of his voice echoed around the dark and gloomy cave… Alex


6A’s Chocolate Hamper Raffle:

Year 6A will be selling raffle tickets to win a chocolate hamper just in time for Easter! Tickets will cost £1 per strip and will be for sale on Tuesday 28th March at play and lunch, Wednesday 29th March during play, lunch and after school and Thursday 30th play and lunch time. The winner will be drawn and contacted Thursday afternoon.