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Year 6 - Check out our blogging challenge….

As part of a blogging challenge Year 6 wrote about some very spooky happenings. Here are just two tantalising examples to tempt you to read further. Please visit our blog - we would love you to leave a comment!                          

Unbelievable, but true, the tale that will haunt me for the rest of my days is about to be told… Atop a mountain a log cabin stood but it wasn’t any ordinary tourist attraction. My speculation was and still is that a beast, a thing, a nightmare lived in the area and it wouldn’t leave until we had left its territory…(Keisha/Grace/Alec/Curtis)


The door opened...The room was perishing, grey, white and black—it had a dark shadow flying around—a dark object. Looking down at the end of the hallway I detected an unknown power next to the immense shadow. It was creeping up to me it said: “Buddy don’t you know how to make a new pal welcome? Turn around and shake my hand”…(Christian/Jamie)