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“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Year 5A - Inspired by Lynley Dodd's Slinky Malinki

Year 5A - Inspired by Lynley Dodd’s Slinky Malinki

Year 5A loved reading Slinky Malinki and were inspired to write their own poems in a similar style. Abbiegail wrote  a super poem!

Oscar Motasker


Oscar Motasker was a beautiful cat                                                                                      

He was a light snowy white

He only came out when it was sunny and bright

His eyes were a deep emerald green

The most intriguing eyes you have ever seen!

He was so very shy

And he slept morning 'til nigh

He never bothered with oncoming dogs

And in the back garden he could leap with frogs!


Well done, Abbiegail!