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Year 5A - Fascinating Rivers

Year 5A - Fascinating Rivers

Year 5A have been working hard on their topic, Rivers - Carter has produced an outstanding piece of work—what do you think of it?

Fascinating Rivers

Welcome to an astonishing report all about rivers. Once you read this, you might study rivers or never have to ask another question ever again, unless you don’t read of course. If you already know most things about rivers you’ll find out more.

Beautiful beginning

Each river has a source that is often located in the high mountains. The water on earth today is the same as the water that was created when earth was created millions of years ago. Rivers flow naturally downstream of the mountains because of gravity.

River is formed

As the small trickle runs downhill more water joins the river and this water erodes a path towards the bottom of the mountain. All the material is deposited to the sides at the  bottom or in the middle to form a small island.   

River is formed

There are three different parts of the river  cycle beginning middle mouth. The beginning of the river is where the source starts and the stream. The middle is called the middle course. It’s where you find the flood plains; the floodplains are the sides of the river. The mouth is where all the water rushes to the sea or ocean. Just a little bit can end up a lot.

A meander is a really big bend in the river. It will make a route of another way then join back to the original route. Meanders are huge bends in rivers they can be big or small but not to small.

Thanks for reading my outstanding report! I told you it was astonishing and you properly know everything about rivers.