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Year 5 - Poets

Year 5 - Poets


During the past two weeks in English, Year 5 have been looking at poetry by Pie Corbett. The class were set the task of writing a poem in the style of Pie and what a fantastic job they did! 


Here is part of Owen Lawrence's work:



a tree elegantly dancing with the wind,

if you peer through the gaps in the leaves you might be able to catch a glimpse of the 100 year old squirrel dancing in the trees,

a tree swaying side to side like it is cheering someone on in a race.



collecting up a cloud

and drinking it like some fizzy pop,

wrapping up the moon and eating it for lunch,

riding a meteor drifting into outer space.




Here is part of Brodie Storer's work:



a gleam of the sun tightly trapped in a box,

a rainbow's colour being sucked away,

an angry ant growing as big as a tree,

a daisy being used as an umbrella as you see.



a tree slowly dancing in the wind and doing ballet,

the ocean pretending to call his friends to play, 

a bouncy castle shouting "please don't bounce on me"

and a penguin being told he can fly.


Year 5 definitely have some poets in the making!'