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Year 5 Poetry

Year 5 Poetry

This week year 5 have been looking at Pie Corbett poems and were asked to add an extra verse to his poem 'Imagine'. The children were using personification, alliteration and similes to make their verses fantastic! Samuel went the extra mile and wrote his own poem based on Pie Corbett's and here it is:


The trees and the grass

as you are lying down

you look around for a house



you are in a desert with cacti everywhere

as you are looking for an oasis to drink out of



on an island stranded

hoping for life form and materials for a boat



on the roaring ocean

as you float on the drumming boat



you are finally at your happy home

as you trundle towards it



after a long day out

you’re finally lying in your bed that’s calling to you.



Well done Samuel, this is brilliant!