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Year 4 - Cracking Writers!

Year 4 -  Cracking Writers!


We have been focusing on poetry in English, looking at creating our own poetry with a syllable pattern and even rhyming couplets! So far we have 20 poems all focused on the finding and catching of a mythical beast! However, in other areas we have carried on writing the story “What happened after the Trojan War?” and we’ve got some absolute crackers!                                                                                             

Finally, we have achieved 100 sticks in our class pot and have had a party this afternoon to really end the half term on a high! Roll on the holidays and we can’t wait to be back!


What do you think to Paige’s splendid effort?


March to the cave,

a torch in his hand.

Pull back the swinging vines,

...his winged sandals land.


A rotten smell,

of decaying bones.

Where could it be hiding?

I’ll follow my nose!


Scraping its claws,

scrambling on the floor.

You don’t know what’s

behind the next door.                                                             


Tapping its feet,

a deep rumbling growl.

Is it coming closer?

Something’s on the prowl.