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Year 3/4A Book of Poems

Year 3/4A Book of Poems

This week year 3 and 4 have been writing poems in the style of existing poets. So far we have looked at 'Calico Pie' by Edward Lear, '10 things in my pocket' by Ian McMillan and 'Words I like' by Steve Turner. We started by reading the original poems and identifying the poetic features of each. We then changed some of the words and wrote our own versions whilst making sure that we stuck to the same style as the original poet. We have created a class book featuring our work (available to read in all the best classrooms!).

Calico Butter
Calico butter,
The butterflies flutter,
Down in the calico tree,
Their wings are blue,
They live in a shoe
And they sang dilly-doo
But they never flew back to me,
They never flew back,
They never flew back,
They never flew back to me.
By Keira Bowskill