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Year 2/3 - An Exciting Journey Through Time Assembly!

Year 2/3 - An Exciting Journey Through Time Assembly!

It all started in the Stone Age…                                                                                                            Year 2/3 treated us to a fascinating journey through time. We discovered that the Stone Age covers three time periods: Palaeolithic (Hi I’m a cave man!); Mesolithic (I’m a nomad, we hunt and gather our food);  and Neolithic (I’m a Neolithic farmer and this is Betsy, my cow). After the Stone Age came the Iron Age where people started making their tools out of iron instead of stone. Year 2/3 also told us about Boudica, Queen of the Iceni who led a major uprising against the occupying Roman forces – Beaten by a GIRL!!! The children gave us an entertaining version of the Boudica song.              

The next topic was Egypt. The children gave us many interesting facts about Egypt                   including  some excellent examples of persuasive writing in the form of a holiday                     advertisement: Come and visit Egypt - come and taste the spiciest food, it will blow your head right off!!!

France was the next port of call and the  children managed to create a very French                  ambience with their rendition of Bonjour , bonsoir, bonne nuit…, beautifully conducted by Lily-Mai. Magnifique, Year 2/3!                                                                                                             Finally the children sang their class song, Strong, from Cinderella. The song reflects our school values so well. What an amazing amount of learning since September, Year 2/3. Well done!