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Year 1/2 and Year 1/2A - Trip to the Butterfly House

Year 1/2 and Year 1/2A - Trip to the Butterfly House

On Friday year 1 and 2 went on a trip to the butterfly house. We started our day in the tropical house where we saw lots of different mini beasts and reptiles. We really enjoyed looking at the caymen and the lizards. The  butterflies were so friendly, they came to land on some of us if we stood really still. After we had looked around one of the zoo keepers, Kerry, came to show us some mini beasts up close. First we saw a cockroach, some of us were brave enough to hold it while others felt its hard, smooth shell. Kerry told us that male cockroaches have small bumps on their head whereas female cockroaches do not. Next we saw a giant snail. We were not allowed to hold it but we felt its hard, smooth shell. Finally we saw a stick insect. It was much bigger than we expected! Some of us held it whilst the rest of us looked at it up close whilst Kerry held on to it. A  fantastic day was had by all and we can't wait to tell you more about it in our next class assembly. If you can't wait until then have a look at our class blog.