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We went to the zoo,too...

We went to the zoo, too!

Year 2 had a ‘wild’ time at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park. The park covers 70 acres of land and we tried our best to visit all the different areas. We visited the different continents and the talk we had in the classroom reinforced our school work on continents and habitats. During the classroom activity we were able to examine some animal objects, including a ‘smelly’   camel skin, a replica bear skull and some animal horns. We were also able to  hold a giant African land snail and a bearded lizard!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Being up close to the animals was very special.  Victor, the polar bear, put on a very amusing show for us—he played with a big blue barrel and then walked around with it on his head; we all thought this was very funny! The visit has inspired Year 2 to write some super recounts.