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We Climbed a Mountain!

We climbed a mountain!

Year 4  showed  resilience and determination as they climbed to the top of Stanage Edge in the Peak District.  There were no   complaints as we made the gradual ascent to the top, although some of us were fitter than others!                                                                                                             As part of their topic on mountains, Year 4  studied the mountain environment  and learnt lots of new and interesting facts from our guides, Emily and Ted.  Our children were very knowledgeable and were able to answer many of the questions set by the guides.  We learnt some very important life-saving skills  -  did you know that the international ‘I am lost ‘  sign is 6 long blows on a whistle?  Our guide also showed us what kind of equipment you need to take when out walking and climbing to help you stay safe.  Both groups were able to practise using  the Bothy Bag (an emergency waterproof and windproof make-shift shelter).  Using some ‘Kung Fu’ moves, Year 4 acted out the formation cycle of mountains - they were very good movers!

After a very pleasant picnic in the glorious sunshine we all made our way down, looking out for wildlife and spotting all the features of the environment we had discussed with our guide and which we had learnt about at school.  One or two of us were struggling to keep up at the end, but we  showed true Langold Dyscarr spirit to carry on. There were several acts of kindness shown by children who slowed down to keep those of us, who were suffering from sore feet, company. What a fantastic and educational day!