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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank you very much for your patience with us over the last week, these have been trying times for us all and we appreciate all the offers of support and fundraising that you have made. It is hugely appreciated.

You will be very keen to know what the plans are for getting back to normal.


To date there has been a thorough clean of all the affected areas, it has been confirmed by the county council that there has been no asbestos contamination at all. There has been no smoke damage to the kitchen and KS1 and KS2 corridors have been unaffected. The only parts of the school which have been affected are the Year 6 corridor and admin. Over the coming week there will be an inspection of the entire circuitry of the school and there will also be a thorough inspection of the heating system. We need to be completely confident that the site is totally safe before returning children to school.

The Plan

  • Outwood Portland has very kindly offered to accommodate Year 6 children from Friday onwards. The children will be accompanied by their usual class teachers and TAs. We very much value this tremendous support but hope that it will be very temporary in nature. We will contact year 6 parents separately to inform them of the finer details and arrangements.
  • We have ordered temporary accommodation in the form of one classroom, a toilet block and an admin facility.
  • We have ordered a comprehensive range of learning materials from CGP for F2- Year 5 and we plan to give these out at the Village Hall on Thursday. F1 will be provided with a homework menu of activities to complete. Staff will be available from 9.00am-3.00pm to collect these. Each teacher will also set online homework which we will inform you about on Thursday. We plan for members of staff to be available from 9.00am-11.00am each morning at the village hall if pupils would like to come along with their parents for support with the work.
  • Year 5 will still take part in the astronomy event at Outwood Portland on Tuesday 24th November. We will update year 5 parents about this separately.
  • The school will definitely remain closed for the rest of this week whilst all of the testing and inspection takes place. On Friday 20th November, we will be able to let parents know whether or not the school will be open on Monday 23rd November, however we think this is highly unlikely.
  • We are confident that by the end of Monday 23rd, colleagues in Notts County Council Property (operations) will be able to let us know as to the earliest return date. At this moment in time they are hopeful that this will be Monday 30th November.

We appreciate that this situation has caused all of us a great deal of anxiety and upset but I can assure you everyone involved is working to their utmost to ensure the children return to school as soon as they can to a safe and secure building. Thank you again for all of your offers of support and help.


Yours sincerely


Miss Gemma Bradford