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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Dear Parents/Carers,


I'd just like to give you an update on the progress at school. We are currently still on track for opening on Tuesday.


The Portakabins will be delivered and installed on Saturday, we are just hoping the winds that are expected don't hamper the delivery in any way. The finishing touches will be done to those over the weekend and on Monday. They will be up and running on Tuesday. We still need time to prepare the year 6 room so the plan is still for those pupils to start back on Wednesday and stay at Outwood Portland until then.


The temporary fire alarm will be put in place on Monday. Notts County Council are confident there shouldn't be any delays with installing this system. However, no plan is ever perfect so please just bear in mind that if there are technical difficulties, it could delay opening.


Now for a few house keeping items:


1. The school office will be situated in a Portakabin at the front of school, outside year 4 and 5. You will be able to access the building via a walkway separate to the playground.


2. Children will line up in their usual places apart from Mrs Bradley's class, who will line up with year 4/5 and Mrs Bailey's/Fearnley's class, who will line up outside their Portakabin situated across from the admin one.


3. F1 pupils and parents will not be able to use the usual entrance.  Access will be gained by walking through the playground and around the MUGA. The teachers will be at the main gates to meet you on Tuesday and walk around with you. They will bring the children back to the main gates after morning session and will return to collect afternoon pupils. Parents will be able to collect their children from the Unit in an afternoon by walking through the playground and around the MUGA.


4. Any pupils who are given medication in school will need to bring new packets to the school office as the ones in school were damaged in the fire.


4. Breakfast club will start again on Wednesday morning. Children will make their way to the office Portakabin and will be collected from there by Mrs Silk.


5. We anticipate after school clubs will start again week beginning: 7.12.15


6. Thankfull,y we are able to use our school kitchen and small hall so school dinners will be available as usual.


7. Please be aware that although we have had professional cleaners in school, at times there is sometimes a smell coming from the damaged area. I'd appreciate it if you could warn your children about this. I will also explain this to the children in assembly. Once the damaged area has been fully cleared by the contractors then the smell should subside.


8. We will be having fire practices on Tuesday and Wednesday so i'd appreciate it if you could also warn your children about these. I don't want to panic any children but I do want them to  know their quickest way out whilst some sections of the school are out of action.


I think that covers everything for now. However, if you do have any questions then please contact the school via email:  I can then include the answers to these questions in an update on Monday.


Thanks again for your continued patience. I look forward to seeing you and your children next week.


Gemma Bradford

Acting Headteacher