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This Week in Year 4…

This Week in Year 4…

This week in Year 4… We have been turning our hands to the art of script writing! Taking the story of the three little pigs and turning it into a masterpiece! In maths we have been working with fractions, from converting them to decimals through to changing mixed numbers into improper fractions!! Overall our work on Robin Hood has also gone up a gear, where we have been completing pencil sketches of the Major Oak and putting Robin's achievements into a time line to name but a few! Our trip to Sherwood Forest is next week and we cannot wait!



Sophie H made a fantastic start to her Three Little Pigs script. Take a look at a snippet of Sophie’s work:



Scene 1: On the stage are Pig 1 and Pig 2. One Pig 1 makes his house out of straw and the Pig 2 makes his house out of sticks. They start singing and dancing happily.

Pig 3 enters pushing a wheel barrow, because he is building his house out of bricks.


Pig 1: (happy) Let’s dance!


Pig 2: (cries out) Are we ready?


Pig 1: (confused) Oh yes we are!


Pig 3: (sighing) What do you think you are doing?


Pig 2 : I am dancing.


Pig 1 : Do you want to join us?


Pig 3: No thank you!


Wolf enters


Wolf : (smirking) Yum, yum! What juicy tender meals they’ll make!!


(Wolf sneaks up on Pig 1)…



Why not ask Year 4 if you can read some more scripts - Maybe those scripts might turn into plays?


Watch this space...