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So Much Magic in F2!

So Much Magic  in F2!

We have been so excited this week in F2 as the magic of metamorphosis has taken place—3 of our butterflies have emerged from their cocoon! They are beautiful and are now feeding on a menu of bananas, flower nectar and sugar syrup. They will soon be ready to be released into the wild. We are hoping that they will come back and feed in our garden!

Why have our white carnations turned blue? We have been studying what happens when we put white carnations into water with added blue food colouring. Did you know that the flowers suck up the water right to the tip of the petals - we know that plants, like humans, need water to live and we have been able to see just how our carnations have ‘drunk’ and used the water.

On our creative table we have been painting our own ‘magic’ beans  and using super language to write and talk about it. What do you think to our red, glittery ‘magic’ beans? We have been very busy on the creative table making articulated paper plate ladybirds - we have certainly been using our imagination and putting our fine motor skills to the test!

In numeracy, we have been using the ’casino’ bottle dice to help us write our subtraction number sentences—we are getting good at counting forwards and backwards and becoming confident mathematicians!

Caterpillar Music  - Marvellous May!

We had so much fun in Caterpillar music this week; we learnt about lots of different May traditions: Morris dancing, crowning the May Queen, rolling the cheese competition, and Maypole dancing. We had to coordinate our skills as we skipped along with the handkerchiefs when we were dancing the Webley Twizzle; we tried to play along together using the wooden claves and skip at the same time (not any easy task); before we rolled our ’cheese’ we had to be at one’ with it—so we balanced it on our head! Finally, half of the group danced around the Maypole while the other half accompanied us on the bells! We had to use our good listening skills to follow instructions very carefully, but we loved the experience! We love learning lots of new things every day!