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R.E. - Easter Day



On 1st April the whole school  had a fantastic day learning and reflecting about the Easter story through lots of different media.  Everyone worked really hard and produced  some very  thought-provoking work.  Well done!

Thank you to all the helpers who made this day so special.

Foundation went on an Easter egg hunt with the Children’s Centre. They listened to the story and looked at   different items that are associated with Holy week and Easter. We played ‘Kim’s game’ where we hid items and the children had to say which item had been hidden and why it was important to the Easter story.

Year 1 acted out the Easter story, washed each other’s feet like Jesus did to his Disciples and used the kindles to research signs of Easter.

Year 2 listened to the Easter story and responded to different parts of the Easter story with either a happy or sad face. They connected their own ideas and experiences to key elements of the stories of the Holy Week and Easter. They also looked at music that Christians use for celebrations.

Year 3 explored the Easter Story through drama, sequenced the story in literacy and did some arts and crafts based on Easter.

Year 4 and Year 4A looked at the sacrifices that Jesus made and looked at situations where they would make a sacrifice for someone else. They also looked at the painting of the Last Supper and talked about the importance of the bread and wine that Jesus shared with his disciples.

Class 5 read the Easter story and discussed key events. They then went away and planned activities that they could do with younger children to teach them part of the Easter story. They came up with some fantastic ideas including: puzzles, drama, telling the story through pictures and board games. In the afternoon they went for an Easter experience at St. Luke’s Church. This was amazing and all children learnt lots and had time to reflect on the Easter story.

Year 6 looked at how Google works.  We understood that Google uses key words in its searches.  We wondered why bunnies, colourful eggs and chocolates came up as a high search result.  We answered these questions:

If I were an alien googling 'Easter' I would think that...


However, because I go to school and we discuss the religions around us, I know that...


I think that if a Christian googled 'Easter' and found these results they would think...