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May we introduce our new Pupil Leadership Team...

May we introduce our new Pupil Leadership Team…

Mrs Huthart was very proud to present our new Pupil Leadership Team to the rest of the school. 18 children put their names forward to be considered for the role of  Head Boy and Head Girl; they then had to give a short speech (a very daunting experience!),  to the rest of the school in assembly, saying why they wanted to be considered. All of the children in KS1 and KS2 then voted for the Head Boy and Head Girl. 8 children attracted a lot of the votes so Mrs Huthart appointed 4 Head Ambassadors, each in charge of their own Team of Ambassadors, a Deputy-head Boy and Deputy-head Girl, and Head Boy and Head Girl.  Mrs Huthart presented each of the successful candidates with their new badges.                                             

Head Ambassadors:                               

Millie Watkinson                 Codie Storer                                                  

Elby Perkins                          Seth Wheeler                                         

Deputy-head Boy/Girl :                              

Alfie Perkins                         Lia Watson                                

Head Boy  -  Jay Myers                             

Head Girl  -   Kelsey Bowskill                       

Well done, YOU make us PROUD!