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Marie Curie -Year 5A have raised £48.77 so far...

Year 5A have raised

£48.77 so far…
We had a fantastic day raising money for Marie Curie on Monday 30th March. We held a raffle and the prizes were our mini pots of care that we had been growing since December. Lots of children took part in our art and paper aeroplane competitions and they were very pleased with their prizes.

The final total of funds raised is to be confirmed as some children are still collecting their sponsored silence money.

Special thanks to Olivia Dernie and Chloe Fitch who donated the money they collected in a recent sponsored silence event.  Olivia raised £1.31 and Chloe raised £3.12.

Special thanks also goes to Kacey Mora and Lia Watson who sold lollipops and raised £15.40 towards our total.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank parents and children for supporting us in our fundraising activities .