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Life is Full of Fun and New Challenges in F1 - Why is our bread going mouldy, F2?

Life is Full of Fun and New Challenges in F1

What is this thing called magnetism? In F1 we have been exploring magnetism and conducting tests! Just ask us if you want to know anything about magnetism.  Listening and speaking is an important way of learning  and developing language — what better way than having a conversation on the phone? Of course we learn through play, too  - and we love to play!

Why is our bread going mouldy, F2?

F2 are keeping a close eye on their bread to see which of the three slices will go mouldy first. We spoke about our experiment we set up and made predictions as to what would happen. Some of the bread has started to go mouldy—we can now start to make conclusions—if you want to know why only some of the bread has started to go mouldy come and ask F2!

Not only have we been using our scientific investigation skills this week, but we have been very artistic, too. We have been painting ‘still life’ pictures of daffodils and tulips— what do you think to the end result? We have some super artists in F2; might we see some of our children’s work hanging in an art gallery one day? Come and have a look at our collaborative collage of Elmer - we all contributed and we think he is wonderful!

In our malleable area our language skills were tested when we tried to describe how foam really feels.                                   

Rylee Milverton was so impressed with the pizza he made with Mrs P. that he went home and was able to give excellent instructions for his mum to follow and make pizza at home. Well done Rylee for your super instructions!