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Langold Dyscarr Community School

“A Chance to Shine' and 'Dare to Bee Different”

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Learning is Fun and Yummy!

Learning is Fun and Yummy!

For Math-magician’s Day one of the many activities in FSU was creating repeating patterns - this proved to be very popular as we could eat our patterned biscuit after we had finished it! 

F2 Zebras and F1 pm children enjoyed a lovely walk to the library to change our books. When we got there we were able to join in with nursery rhymes and use musical instruments to create music to accompany them. We loved it! After changing our books we listened to  a story. The library is a fantastic place to visit!

In gymnastics we have been working very hard to improve our balancing skills -  it can be tricky at times, but we show resilience and keep going!

Our courage and adventurous spirit was put to the test on Wednesday when we  ventured into Dyscarr Wood on a MONSTER HUNT!  We braved the cold and squelchy mud in our quest to spot the monsters (we were only armed with a clipboard and pencil!) We spotted lots of characters like the Gruffalo, the Snake, the Fox and monsters from Where The Wild Things Are. We were sure that we could hear rustlings and many of us thought we saw BIG ORANGE EYES. When we thought we were lost Mrs Fenton was able to ring the Gruffalo for directions !Even the workmen we came across in the wood said that they had seen the Gruffalo! We used our tallying skills to keep a record of how many monsters we spotted.   Some of us were very relieved to get back to the safety of the FSU unit!

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