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KOOL KIDZ - First Edition!

We are very proud to  announce the launch of the FIRST edition of:

KOOL KIDZ                                                                            

Langold Dyscarr Community School’s very own ‘children’s newsletter’,

written for children, by children! 


Our 4 amazing Year 6 editors, Holly, Rebecca. Elle and  Sarah-Louise started with a blank piece of paper and worked together as a journalistic team to: conduct market research, design the art work and layout of the newsletter, write the articles, find the jokes, set the puzzles, draw the cartoon strip, advertise it in assembly and of course employ the skills of ‘Ask Alex’  to help solve any problems/dilemmas that our children can send in, if they wish.  As an added bonus, the team have also  been given a budget, which they will have to manage by themselves, to buy prizes for the competitions.               


Our editors are aiming to produce at least one  newsletter per half term and have invited the rest of the school to contribute.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The majority of the work has been achieved during the girls’ free time at lunch times!                                                                                                                


We know of no other school children taking on such a task.  Yet again, Langold Dyscarr sets the  standard and leads the way !


We can’t wait for edition 2! 


Why not read the first edition on our WOW Factor page?