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Kingswood 2014

KINGSWOOD 2014 –Report by Rafal Szuba

Monday 15th September 2014

Finally we arrived at Kingswood radiantly, giddy as we have never been before. As I looked petrifyingly at the tower of the zip wire I thought how big the 3G swing will be — the thing that I’m the most scared of (which is because you are tied to a bar and children pull a rope. You go up and when you stop, a person pulls a chord a you just fall down and start swinging).  When we walked to put our suitcases (and rucksacks) to the bay, I glanced and thought shockingly how different the place is than I thought it would be! After the looking around the building,   going into the rooms and making our beds, it was already about 4:30PM! We all got split into 3 groups and I was in group ‘j’ with Mrs Wendon. Our group’s first activity was the panicking LEAP OF FAITH

                       As I nervously stared at Keelan (who was before me) climbing on the pole I felt even more dreadful as it was me after him. I thought about if I still want to go on it, when Keelan was coming down. I was horrified! I put on my safety clothes and sandwich (Sam who is a leader) tied me to the rope. I was climbing until I looked down and stopped. I was three-quarters up and I let go of the pole, got the rope and went down like a spider!

Tuesday 16th September 2014 

When I woke up I couldn’t wait for the next activities.  Our group’s first activity was the ZIPWIRE! We ran to the safety shed and Diogo (my favourite leader)    explained to us the rules how to get down after zipping.  I went down it first and I had best fun ever! I dropped the blue bag, got out the orange rope and pulled the leather. It was amazing! I quickly ran to the quads and had a ride around     euphorically. After the awesome ride we did problem solving and Jay and I knew the first one. The next activity was disco, it was so loud that Connor B. got a headache! The lights were amazing and the leaders danced quite well!

Wednesday 17th September 2014

It was the last day, so I was really dejected. Our first activity was THE 3G SWING! When Diogo said that the 3g swing’s higher than the zip wire I already decided that I’m not going on it! When it was my turn to choose if I want to go on it, I thought about it. Swallowing all my fear I said yes and me and Keelan went on it. I loved it!                          

                                    Our next activity was nightline, which was when we put eye-blinds on and walked through a track. It was tricky but finally we managed to get to the end.

Before we went to the bus we played a game. I liked it but also I was really gloomy that we were going back. After 10 minutes we all got our suitcases and went to the bus to drive home…