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Hayllaby’s Diner Delivers Delicious Delicacies Yet Again!

Hayllaby’s Diner Delivers Delicious Delicacies Yet Again!

Last Friday, as a reward for earning 100 Team Hays Points, Year 4 enjoyed the best morning in school history! We managed to chow down on a range of foods from a full English breakfast to bacon and sausage sarnies! The incredible kitchen staff helped myself and Mrs Mallaby out tremendously, cooking all the food from fresh and providing excellent service! However, one of the biggest shout outs needs to go to Mrs Pridmore, who created a café vibe in the small hall through her creation of menus, table decorations and the café sign! The whole place looked spectacular and pulled in “world-class” reviews!

The main point that stood out to the members of staff who visited the café and myself, was the conversation and maturity shown by each child. We had children who are normally as quiet as mice serving others and discussing everything from what they were going to eat, to the décor! It really was an eye-opening experience that as a teacher I am desperate to repeat, partly because of the incredible writing that the morning stimulated. The class reviewed their experiences and gave different quotes to their peers, all because they wanted to share their opinions. There was a consistent buzz that transcended the whole of Friday and even into Monday by children who had never “been to a posh restaurant before”. These children loved the fact that Mrs Mallaby and I served them and referred to them as ‘sir’ and ‘madam’! But what really took the biscuit for me, was when it came round to the children serving me. I had children queuing up to call me ‘sir’ and bring me my order (making sure they all served from the right!)

Overall, I would repeat such a simple, yet effective, treat with my class time and time again. For a mere £23.20, every child ordered what they wanted, had a full stomach and had the buzz for wanting to earn more Team Hays Points in order to earn their next reward! If that doesn’t scream positive behaviour, then I honestly don’t know what will!

I can’t wait until the next reward, just to see what else we can create! Mr Hays