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Governors' Open Day - 7 November 2016

Governor’s Open Day - 7th November 2016

The Governors’ termly Open day was on Monday 7th Nov ember, 2016. On these days the governors are invited to spend the day in school looking at various aspects of the school’s curriculum, seeing how policies are being implemented and most importantly have a chance to talk to the children and get their views. This term we looked at 3 areas:

  • Marking and Feedback
  • Behaviour management
  • The learning environment

The behaviour we saw across the 2 Key stages was excellent and the behaviour policy seemed to be working, with two TAs on hand to deal with any disruptive children. This seemed to be an improvement from our last Open Day. The children were polite and most seemed engaged and interested .

The classrooms we visited were bright and welcoming and the children we spoke to could tell us how their working wall helped them with their topics and where they could get information they needed. It was interesting to see the progression of independence in the children as we looked at the different year groups.

The marking and feedback in the children’s books that we looked at was consistent and the children could tell us how they had addressed the feedback they had received.

We had a great day, so thanks to Mr Pullin and the staff for being so welcoming.

Jean Norman

(Chair of Governors )