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FSU Packing So Much Into A Busy Week

FSU Packing So Much Into A Busy Week!

F1 pm children and F2 had a lovely walk to the library - for our F1 children it was their first visit; they coped really well with the walk— well done everyone! When we got to the library we were able to choose some beautiful books to share at home. The children enjoyed choosing their own book and then listening to Mrs Fenton who read them a lovely story. Thank you to all our helpers, too!  Why not visit the library with your child and spend a magical time sharing a book together?


F2 loved their walk in the deep and  very squelchy, muddy wood last week. We took some clay with us and foraged for leaves and twigs which we used to make a Gruffalo head. We also kept a very sharp eye out for the Gruffalo - we spotted a log-pile house, searched the trees for an owl and some of us were sure we spotted the Gruffalo!  We love Dyscarr Wood and getting muddy!


In gymnastics we have been perfecting our gymnastic shapes - we have some fantastic  gymnasts - champions in the making!                                                                                                                                   

In literacy, we have been writing some amazing sentences and labels all about the Gruffalo


In numeracy, we have been studying different shapes and using them to make shape pictures. 


What  a busy week - we even found a little time to play!