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Fence to be erected around our school playing field

We are delighted to report that, thanks to a considerable amount of support from The Big Local Lottery Fund, at last we are able to erect a fence around our school playing field.  It is anticipated that the work will begin on Monday, 24th November 2014 and will take approximately one week.

The new fence will be a huge benefit to both the children at our school and the local community for several reasons:


  • The field will be a safer place to play and learn, because the risk from broken glass and dog fouling will be removed.
  • We know that the children will be contained within a safe space, so will not be at risk from stray dogs and strangers.
  • Subject to prior approval from the school, organised community groups will be able to use our field after school in the summer and at weekends all year round.
  • Increased use of the field will provide opportunities for pupils and the local community to engage in more sporting activities, thus promoting healthy lifestyles.



Mrs A Huthart