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Fairies Move Into F2!

Fairies Move Into F2!

F2 are also welcoming some very special ‘newbies’ into the unit—FAIRIES! When F2 returned after the holiday they found that some mischievous fairies had moved in! The dolls’ house was left in a very messy state; there were lots of things strewn all over FSU; ‘magic’ glitter sprinkled over our work and toys; lots of ’fairy’ doors scattered around the unit; a fairy  garden and a message pinned to the board! What a surprise for everyone! In the message Thistle, the fairy, told us she had moved into the F2 unit with her friends (who were a bit messy - she hoped we didn’t mind!). On Tuesday we found a message written in marshmallows saying Birthday Cake, so we decided it must be Thistle’s birthday and we made and decorated some tiny fairy cakes which we left out (we also ate some of them!). Thistle must have liked them because she left us a Thank you  in magic glitter outside the classroom! We have also had so much fun completing all our work based on fairies. Thank you to all the parents and carers who completed the homework and sent in some beautiful fairy-themed models! Here are just a few of them: