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F2—Den Building Experts - Architects of the Future!

F2—Den Building Experts - Architects of the Future!       

This week we have been developing our artistic, spatial awareness, design and construction skills whilst we have been designing and building our dens. We started our week by talking about the charity that we are raising money for, Save the Children and then had group discussions about what would make a good den and what we could use to build it. We sketched our ideas first, made flags to decorate the finished den and brought in items from home - then BIG DEN-BUILDING DAY arrived! We were so excited - we collected items in Dyscarr Wood such as sticks, twigs and leaves and constructed our dens in the wood next to the MUGA. Just look at our photos to see what a fantastic job we did - the RIBA Stirling Prize for Architecture might have our name on it one day! Of course dens are perfect for picnics too, especially when the sun shines as it did! The den building inspired lots of fantastic  language and role play — our children are brilliant. Thank you to all who sent in building materials and picnic food. A big thank you to our helpers, Mr P. and Mrs Bacon!


We were really impressed with the homework we received from the homework challenges. Max made a spider using a balloon; Ava wrote a story about what happened to our caterpillars; Summer W made a book about all the lovely things that she had done during the holidays. Summer L and her family built dens in the wood and Piper and Matthew built dens in their living rooms - they were able to use their knowledge on our den-building day!                                                                                          

We have also been: making insect houses on the box modelling table; having a jolly time at the seaside in Caterpillar Music; writing a letter to ‘Jack’ from the ‘Giant’  and  doing lots of fun doubling in numeracy - what a lot of exciting learning we have packed into 4 days! We can’t wait for next week!!!