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F2 Year 1-Ready!

F2— Year 1-Ready!

Last Friday we went  out in our dens and started our ‘Year 1-Ready Passports’. We drew pictures of ourselves on the front so that our new teacher could recognise us. We have 17 challenges to complete - after completing 5 challenges we get a sticker, after 10 a prize and after 17 a certificate and a prize from our new teacher to say that we are Year 1-Ready. Some of us have started collecting already, we love a challenge in F2! We have all received our certificate for taking part in the den-building day; we are very proud of them. Thank you to all the parents and carers who sent in resources and the sponsorship money. Could you please send in any outstanding money so that we can send it off to Save the Children and announce the total?

Our Sports Day was amazing and a huge success. After all their rigorous training the children gave 100% and showed fantastic sportsmanship, cheering and encouraging their peers. Champions of the future in the making!

In lessons, we have been working really hard to improve our reading, writing and our numeracy—this week we have been  concentrating on number bonds and have loved singing our number bond song and making and tasting our delicious number bond biscuits. Of course we have been learning through play, too. There is so much to learn!