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F2 - What an Eggceptional Week of Learning and Fun!

F2 - What an Eggceptional Week of Learning and Fun!

We have been very busy in F2 this week! We have been learning all about the Easter story and retelling it to our friends and teachers using pictures - some of us were able to write some super sentences about it, too! In numeracy we took control of our own access to learning. We were all given a maths challenge booklet which we chose when to  complete - we felt very grown-up making the decision when and what to access.

On Tuesday, there was great excitement as an eagle-eyed child spotted a frog in the drain in our playground - everything came to  a halt as Miss Hopkinson and Mrs P took the lid off the drain and then Miss Hopkinson pulled out the frog. The frog was a very handsome specimen! We tried to work out why it was in the drain, how it had got there and where it wanted to go. We stroked the frog and used some lovely adjectives to describe its skin: slimy, squashy, cold, wet, smooth and squelchy. We decided that it ought to be released into the quad pond. Mr Pullin thought that Miss Hopkinson should try to kiss the frog to see if it turned into a prince! Miss Hopkinson wasn’t too sure!!!

In gymnastics we have been working towards our Proficiency Badge and Certificate Level 8; lots of us could tick off some of the challenges.

In Caterpillar Music, we had lots of fun with the Spring theme, bursting back into life! We sang some lovely songs, taught the baby chicks how to fly (with the enormous parachute) . The egg and spoon race was ayh  huge challenge, too! And of course we played our instruments to the Easter Bunny Hop! What a cracking session!

We were very lucky on Wednesday when Miss Ives joined us and helped us make some chocolate Easter nests, yummy!

We loved making and decorating our own Easter decorative salt dough eggs. We have some eggcellent artists in F2!

Of course, we never forget to share with our friends and teddies. Last week we had a lovely Teddy Bears’ Picnic - we were able to tell our teddies all about healthy food and how not-so-healthy food is ok, in moderation! We think our teddies were very impressed with all the fresh fruit and sandwiches which were on offer. A BIG thank you to Sarah, our cook, who made lots of delicious sandwiches for all of us and our teddies to share!