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F2 - What a Fantastic Week for Writing!

We are sooooo proud of F2 and the writing that they have produced this week. Miss Hopkinson, Mrs Parker and Ms Clarke have been assessing the children’s writing and they have been so impressed with the progress that the children have made. When Elliot showed Mr Pullin his work Mr Pullin thought it was fantastic! Mrs Parker wants to know what Elliott has been eating that has made him so good at writing. Elliott puts it down to eating Weetabix! I think we will have to buy some for snack time! Miss Hopkinson loved showing F2 parents the super progress made in writing. We have fantastic children in F2!  They were asked to retell the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in their own words - there were some super sentences - here are a few: The caterpillar transformed into a beautiful butterfly. He nibbled his way out. He had belly ache. He ate a juicy leaf and turned into a butterfly.

Lente wowed us all when she read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in Dutch! Fantastic, Lente!

Our entomologist, Nic, arrived at school on Monday to discover that the  cocoon he had found the previous week had hatched over the weekend. Unfortunately, the bug that had emerged had died. The children were fascinated to see what had emerged from the cocoon and we all tried to think of a reasons why the bug had died: perhaps we should have left some food for it, or maybe we should have put the container in the shade? Can you think of a reason why it may have died? Please let us know what you think. The bug that emerged from the cocoon looked like a small wasp - we haven’t identified it yet, but we will let you know if wedo.

We were very excited when we transferred our cocoons to the big net. We can’t wait for our butterflies to hatch.

In numeracy we have been using the stop watch to find out how many things we can do in  one minute - a minute can seem a very long time! We have also been completing lots of different number activities linked to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

In gymnastics we now know two new moves, happy cat and angry cat, which help with our front support. For our back support we start in a pike position. We love gymnastics and we are making very good progress!! Will we be ready for the Olympics 2028!