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F2 - What A Busy Week!

F2 - What a Busy Week!

The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch has inspired us in lots of different ways, this week. We have been very creative making and painting lighthouses on the creative table, as well as making our Tap Tap pictures. We used speech bubbles to write out what Hamish, the lighthouse keeper’s cat, might be thinking when he was in the basket and of course we have been writing  about the story in  different ways: writing about the pictures; labelling the foods in the story, and drawing story maps. We are getting so good at writing that some of us have become sentence doctors! Our doctors use their literacy skills (with the help of assistants from the rest of the class) to make sentences better!  We put our number skills to the test too, when we had to  arrange ourselves in a human number line — numbers are fun! Keeping cool was no problem for us this week - we made shelters outside and went inside our little tents and what better way to spend the hottest afternoon of the year than to sit under the shade of a tree singing songs and listening to a lovely story! Caterpillar Music was all about sporting prowess. We practised long jump, karate, football, archery, gymnastics, ball skills and best of all, tug-of-war -  the girls were the undisputed champions—twice!!!(No wimpy girls in our school!) We were in awe of Alison, from Caterpillar Music, as she described her attempt at scaling the tallest dam in Switzerland - we are so proud of her, she is an inspiration to us all! What an exciting week— more exciting  learning and fun to come!

Gentle reminder - in the hot weather please ensure your child is protected from the sunshine with cream and a sun hat. If you have any spare sun hats you could donate to school we would be very grateful.