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F2 - Transported into a story…

F2 - Transported into a story…

Alison Noble and Caterpillar Music worked her magic again this week and transported F2 straight into a story - Trouble in the Toy Box! F2 helped her to act out the story whilst saying a RAP! We went through the curtain into the Magic Toy Box to become a toy!!! We became a Jack-in-the-box. We sang and acted out, There was a Princess long ago. Our musical skills were put to the test when we used the tap sticks to  tap out of our dinosaur eggs. We went around the race track with our fast cars with a co-pilot who had to give us instructions to follow - and then we were off!!! How can you make a clown happy? Why, tell him some jokes, pull funny faces and pretend to be a balloon that has just been released, of course! And the poor camel - what can you do to take his mind off having the hump? Play him some music and show him a dance. We danced to I’m a Barbie Doll and the theme from Transformers – we have some groovy movers in F2! The toys in our story had forgotten how to play so we  helped them to remember how to play with ours. Don’t forget your toys and leave them on their own for long…

In gymnastics we have started working towards our Level 8 Proficiency Certificate and Badge. This week we concentrated on our forward rolls. Emma said that she was very impressed with our work - we always try our best, even when things are a bit tricky!

In literacy we have been making up our own stories by following picture prompts - the children have written some lovely work! In Numeracy we have been writing number sentences using dominoes; getting to grips with Numicon and working out one more and one less.

The children who attended our catch-up lessons had to use their phonics knowledge to play Phonics Bingo as well as using dice to work out calculations! What a busy learning week. But don’t worry we managed to squeeze in some play time, too! We can’t wait for next week’s learning challenges!