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F2 - Sea Monsters

F2 - Sea Monsters

Our theme, this week, in F2 has been Sea Monsters - we have loved it! Our literacy and numeracy work has been based on sea monsters; we have focused on using fantastic adjectives to describe our sea monsters and we have been problem solving (with all things fishy) in numeracy. We have loved making our very tactile sea monsters, using latex gloves and a variety of materials. We made squishy, squidgy, crunchy, soft, hard, glittery, smelly and silky monsters which we tried to describe using different adjectives. One of our favourite activities has been box modelling, as many parents and carers know!!! An empty box is a magical thing! The imaginations used by our children to create models has been a joy to watch. Not only have they made lots of models to take home , but they have used fantastic language to describe what they have made.  Start saving the boxes for the school holidays and see what your child can come up with!

Caterpillar Music this week transported us to the very romantic city of Paris, although if you ask Nic if he believes in romance I think he would definitely say NO! Alison brought some camembert cheese in for us to smell - some of us were not sure if we would like it or not - the baguette looked more appealing to some. We found out some very interesting facts about France and were able to practise some French phrases. We even played Head, shoulders, knees and toes in French (Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds) and marched along to another French song, Un kilomètre à pied.... Of course on our trip to Paris we sampled some football, too. I think some of our children would not look out of place at the Euro 2016 tournament.

On Thursday, we walked to the library and chose some new books, as well as singing some nursery rhymes and listening to two stories. Langold library is such a fantastic place where books can transport us to lots of wonderful places. Why not take your child and share some magic with them?

In gymnastics we continue to make good progress and this week we  practised teddy  rolls - we were very good! Ellie and Riley A achieved their Level 8 Proficiency Badge and Certificate. Well done, Riley and Ellie!

And finally, congratulations to Lente and Riley P who were voted as F2 representatives for our School Council. They are taking their roles very seriously and I am sure they will make fantastic School Councillors!