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F2 - Reading Success

F2 - Reading Success

Reading success! We are so proud of our fantastic readers in F2. So many children have moved up a level in the past couple of weeks and lots of them blew Mrs P’s socks off with their keyword knowledge! Well done to everyone who reads at home. This week we are looking at 1 less than and take away. It is a bit tricky, but we are getting there. We have been counting down, using number lines, Numicon and fingers.

Zebra’s Wednesday Walkabout—what can we see…

We saw forget-me-nots because it is spring and at a distance we could see a patch of white flowers (where the fairies live!). The rain also made little bird baths in the tree holes and lots of streams! In the fields we saw lots of broccoli plants growing and tractor tracks. There was soooooo much to see!

Giraffes had a wonderful time at the library, once again. We love our adventures!

We have had such a busy half term! We have learnt so much and are all starting to get a bit tired! But, next week is going to be a very exciting week indeed! Watch this space…